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Content Marketing

Internet marketing isn’t just about buying up ad space - in fact, it’s not even mostly about buying ad space. Content marketing is a crucial part of the success of your online marketing strategy, and it’s also one of the most overlooked aspects. Great North Promotions believes creating and curating high-quality, shareable content is indisputably a pivotal part of enhancing your brand’s online authority. We’re experts on creating content that touches, moves and inspires your audience engaging them so they become clients. It’s not about being louder - it’s about having something to say. If you can solve a unique problem for your potential audience in your messaging they will listen. It’s about saying something that’s worth listening to. Let our experts help you enhance your content to help you meet your goals.

Social Media Marketing

With social media being universally understood as a major influencer amongst consumers when it comes to making purchases, these platforms are powerhouses in the world of online marketing. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that social media marketing is a formidable tool to help bolster your brand. Monster platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are used by the biggest companies in the world to create eager audiences - eager audiences that turn into devoted customers.

Great North Promotions social media strategy begins with a consultation highlighting a thorough content plan that aligns with a strategic channel plan that’s industry-based. At Great North Promotions we also use a competitive analysis to help you find the niche areas for you to succeed. Once a plan is in place and implemented, we can act as consultants by providing weekly and monthly analysis as well as trends to follow. It’s your call, just don’t ignore this behemoth online marketing opportunity, whatever you do.

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Inbound marketing and lead generation is the proverbial waterslide of your lead generation strategy. When done expertly, it creates a powerful channel that funnels new clients to your website. At Great North Promotions we can automate this process with a unique suite of software's and proprietary technology. We start the process with an analysis to access your goals, wants and needs. More often than not, clients use this service because they are unhappy with the quality or amount of their leads. We then put together a combination marketing strategy, which consists of specialised tactics and tools custom built for your business and founded in the results of the needs analysis.

Our strategy will not only bring you success by helping you reach your overarching business goals, but our report-based methodology that will show concrete performance metrics and success.

Search Engine Marketing & PPC Advertising

A robust search engine marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plan can give your business an edge in the saturated world of online marketing. Instead of earning traffic organically, ppc advertising essentially buys traffic and makes sure your ads are seen by your target audience.

It’s not as easy as just buying up ad space. Whether it be social ppc or search engine ppc, effective pay-per-click advertising involves strategic planning and constant monitoring. This is where we come in. We are advanced certified in Google Ad Words and Google Analytics. Right now there has never been a time in history were the platforms available to advertise on have been as effective in terms of creating a funnel of potential clients back to your business. Both Facebook and Google Ad words when done right prove to be amazing advertising platforms.

We do extensive keyword and competitive research to help our clients spend money in the smartest way possible. This means identifying sometimes lower traffic (but higher converting) keywords that competitors aren’t bidding on, or bidding on displays on sites that drive 100% more traffic at a fraction of the cost of some of the higher priced sites. Our goal is to get you noticed, and make sure you keep getting noticed. Not only can we design and implement a vigorous ppc advertising campaign, but we can also manage it completely and provide consistent performance reports so you’re always getting the best exposure for the best price.

We use our data every step of the way to ensure these optimal results. We don’t throw spaghetti on the wall and hope it sticks; we listen to your audience and we give them what they want so that they become eager, engaged, long-term customers.

Website Development - Lead Capture Pages 

We can design and develop the most modern website and lead capture platforms ensuring that your web presence is converting visitors into consumers. The reality is 90% of websites do an ineffective job and converting visitors into clients. we make sure to stay up to date on the technologies and strategies that work for today's consumer needs.

Digital marketing is a complicated game - and the rules keep changing.

This is why we pride ourselves on data and results-driven innovation, as well as utilising competitive intelligence reports and global market research to provide us with the smart data that allows us to market successfully every single time.